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The quality of Amish Custom Furniture is evidenced by the fact that they are serving second and even third generation customers.

Biz Profile

For 60 years Jim Shea, owner of Amish Custom Furniture and Accents, has had a passion for providing quality furniture at affordable prices. And in their 28th year of business, Amish Custom Furniture and Accents continues to show that passion with exciting new lines of furniture.

This is furniture you can pass down to your children or grandchildren.

Jim Shea, Owner

New Galleries

If you think Amish furniture is out-of-date, then you haven’t seen the inventory at Amish Custom Furniture and Accents.

They offer several furniture lines. The ‘rustic line’ features furniture made from quality logs. Shea spoke with pride when he announced the ‘barnwood gallery’ (All of this furniture is made from genuine Ohio barnwood that has been certified to be 75 to 100 years old. This wood is not manufactured – every piece is original). And most recently, they announced a ‘wine furniture gallery’ featuring custom wine colored cabinets and accessories.

Custom Design

A unique feature of this southeast Michigan based furniture company is that each piece is customizable. Shea does all the custom designs personally and explained that each piece can have the color, size, finish, and/or wood changed to meet the customers’ individual requests.

This means that if you find the ideal dining room table at Amish Custom Furniture and Accents, but it only seats four when you need it to seat six or eight, you can tell them what you want and Shea can redesign the piece to fit your needs.

Quality and Affordability

When you think of Amish made furniture, a high price tag is likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, Shea stated that affordability is important to him.

All of Amish Custom Furniture and Accents furniture is actual wood. No piece is made from particle board or with veneer.

The quality of the furniture is evidenced by his repeat customers and second and third generation customers. Shea said, “This is furniture you can pass down to your children or grandchildren.” He added, “We’re now seeing customers that come in and say they received a particular piece from their parents or grandparents and want to add additional pieces to their home.”

Amish Custom Furniture and Accents is located at 1241 S. Monroe St., Monroe. 

Please call 734-241-8100 or visit their website,, for further information.

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