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The Wayne County Community College District’s (WCCCD) High School Dual Enrollment Program is adding value to the lives of students and enriches our community. WCCCD’s Dual Enrollment Program is designed to make college education more accessible to high school students so they can achieve their educational/career goals while saving both time and money.

As students are searching for an educational experience beyond that of high school, a unique opportunity awaits them at WCCCD’s Dual Enrollment Program. Each year, students experience college early through the Dual Enrollment Program by taking carefully selected academic courses.

Students often enter college without a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and many drop out when challenges occur. However, a study from the Community College Research Center finds that dual enrollment programs are associated with positive outcomes on such measures as high school graduation and college enrollment rates, college grade point averages and progress toward college completion. 

“The school districts are viewing this as valuable opportunity for their students”, stated Anthony Arminiak, Downriver Campus President, “dual enrollment opportunities also have the potential to increase the size and diversity of our campus.”

WCCCD currently offers an active and growing Dual Enrollment Program in partnership with local school districts that offer high school students the opportunity to earn college credits starting in 9th grade and all the way through to graduation. Tuition is paid by the participating school district and a WCCCD Student Services Advisor is assigned to each student providing educational, financial, and life skills services. 

Lina Warra, Student Services Advisor at WCCCD’s Downriver Campus, is the dual enrollment liaison for the 21 high schools in the Downriver community. Some of the Districts that are participating in Dual enrollment at WCCCD’s Downriver Campus are Taylor, Woodhaven, Brownstown, and Lincoln Park. These school Districts currently have a select group of students in a variety of Dual Enrollment courses which are held at the high schools and at the Downriver campus.  

“Dual-enrollment programs also let students who have never been in a higher education setting receive a sense of not only the academic rigor but the social environment as well,” stated Arminiak. •

To learn more about WCCCD’s High School Dual Enrollment Program, please call 313-496-2600 or visit


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