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Gigi’s Journal – #3

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Homecoming is near so break out the glitter gear!

Let’s gooooo Red Devils! Show your spirit, show your pride. My fellow Islanders love their Homecoming celebration As you can see by my awesome glitter gear. In conjunction with the annual homecoming weekend event Paint the Town Red will be held Friday and Saturday Septemeber 28th and 29th. That annoying big red dog always makes an appearance too and I know I could take that homecoming tiara because my only competition would Polly Anna the poodle and that Sassy Snippy Shit-Tzu. Pahleeeze, bring it on girls!

Trick or Treat, smell my paw, bring me something good to gnaw. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, well besides, Christmas and my Birthday… Trying to make my decision on what I will wear to the costume parade on Saturday October 27th is a sight to see. We all line up at the high school around 10 a.m. and proceed down Macomb Street. Right after the parade from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., we get to go door to door business to business and get a lot of cookies, biscuits, oohs and awws, and photo-ops. Please hold the chocolate though, because we all know that isn’t good for our fur family. I’m sure you all have heard by now that the big haunted hangar is making its spooktacular return on Saturday night October 27th. Dad said that this event is for the big people he said something about spirits and not the ghostly type. Check out the ad in this issue! I do love the fall with the seasonal temperatures being much more to my liking and the crunch, crunch, crunch of leaves make me a bit frisky. Sometimes I will jump out of the leaves and scare stinky cat tee hee hee. Stinky cat gets mad at me and hisses through her gnarly teeth. But the only thing that frightens me of her are her wrinkles and hairless body. In case you missed my last journal stinky cat is my hairless sister friend that I have to share my house with. Her real name is Menka the Sphynx. She had nowhere to go and we took her in, kind of like my back-story. But, hey look where we both ended up! 

In November I will be five. I know that I’m big, bodacious, and beautiful but I wish stinky cat would quit referring to me as Ol’ fat dog with bone breath. I’ll get her though with one fierce bark. LOL. The Christmas and holiday season are epic at my house. We get a huuge Christmas tree that smells awesome and there is more glitter, sparkles and decorations that you can wag your tail at, well at least my stub. The music parties, all the festivities and even the big fat guy in red suit are some of my favorite traditions. Don’t forget your pet photos with Santa at the animal shelter and pick up goodies at the Historical Society’s Christmas Boutique. And one of the most attended event happens on December 7th, Island Glow. Please make sure to share with those less fortunate during this time and all through the year.

One thing that is not on my favorite list is that pesky snow. Sure it’s pretty at first and makes everyone smile, but this here girl was brought to Michigan via Fort Lauderdale. While I do have an array of fancy coats I’m just happier when the white stuff melts and the blossoms begin. So, Happy New Year, think spring and have a grrreat fall and winter.

As always, big wet kisses!

Miss Gigi

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