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Gigi’s Journal – #4

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

THE LEAVES HAVE been raked and bagged, the ponds have been covered, and the fish bubbler installed. While it’s a little bit challenging to work my way through the endless sea of colors, of red, gold, and yellow leaves, and avoiding any Gigi droppings, teeheeheehee… Dad takes care of all that and sometimes I wish I had a warm box indoors like stinky cat (Menka the Sphynx) uses, NOT!!

The holiday hustle and bustle always has me in a festive mood. Whilst watching Dad prepare not one, but two turkey feasts within a single month, my Gigi jowls are drooling with the anticipation of two turkey times.

When our huge Christmas tree arrives, I do my best to keep my big girl composure. The glitter and gift wrapping is in overdrive around our place. I sit patiently by the big green tree, protecting our presents so stinky cat doesn’t try to open hers early. We both get our Santa letters to the Big Red Box, beginning November 30th. That’s the same day that Island Glow kicks off for the holiday season!

After our New Year’s cheers and howls, I hunker down for the next couple of cold, white winter months. Be sure to leave a little extra feed and food for the squirrels, deer, and fowl to keep them going through these cold winter months. We always appreciate a few extra blankets in our beds and never keep your fur babies out in the cold Michigan winter weather.

You don’t need to have to wait for Islandfest 2019, May 31st – June 2nd to have some fun, join the recreation and community festival commissions to our annual Winterfest, Saturday January 26th, 2-5 p.m. Have a warm, wonderful, and safe holiday and winter season. Take the time to gather around your fireplace, and enjoy your hot chocolate and hot toddies.

As the visions of sugar plums fade into the distance, we look forward to the spring crocus and daffodils to start popping through the ground.

As always, big wet kisses!

Miss Gigi

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