Life is a movement journey

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Now that spring has arrived, temperatures are starting to rise in many parts of the country. And that means the transition from heating our homes to cooling our homes is right around the corner. No matter what method you use to cool your home during the warm spring and summer months (central air conditioning, window units, or fans and dehumidifiers), each spring you cross your fingers that your approach still works. If not, you might be calling an expert for a tune-up, or in extreme circumstances, you might need a complete overhaul.

Just like an AC system that has probably been dormant for many months of the year, a body that hasn’t been physically engaged on a regular basis may have trouble getting started again. And yet, this time of year, the warm temps draw many people to city and suburban streets, tracks and trails, ready to take that first run of the season. A good percentage of these spring runners haven’t kept up their strides throughout the winter. It should come as no surprise that a 4-mile run for a previously inactive person is going to stir up a few aches and pains.

Especially as we age, our ability to move undergoes changes. But whether we’re talking about a college student or a retiree, returning to an activity without proper planning is a recipe for disaster. That’s where physical therapy comes in. Physical therapists are trained to treat injuries and ease pain, but they can also help their patients prevent injuries and safely prepare to participate in new activities.

Think of physical therapists as “movement consultants” who can ensure that your body is physically ready to tackle a new challenge–or resume a favorite leisure activity. Here’s another example to illustrate what we’re talking about: Let’s say that you play in an adult soccer league and you’re preparing to play in your first game of the season in a few weeks. You probably hung up your cleats when the last season ended months ago, but expect to pick up just where you left off. But it’s simply too much to ask for your 2019 debut on the field to be on the same level as the last game of the previous season, when you likely had reached peak performance.

This is a good time for your PT to step in and help you shake off the rust. The rehab professional can customize an exercise plan to help you slowly return to sport and avoid an injury that could sideline you for the whole season. Or like cleaning the filters before firing up your air conditioner for the first time this year, the rehab expert can help to ensure that your body is prepared to return to its former activity level following a hiatus.

About Our Expert…

Veli P. Sipila, PT, OMT
OrthoSport Physical 
Therapy Center

After moving to the United States 27 years ago, Physical Therapists Veli Sipila and his wife “S.P.” have put their expertise into practice. Based in Canton, OrthoSport Physical Therapy opened in 2005, attracting clients from various walks of life. Their success allowed them to open a second location in Grosse Ile in 2015.

In addition to manual therapy and exercise training, the clinic employs Integrative dry needling to treat injuries related to spine, joints, nerves and ligaments.

Whether you’re an injured athlete, suffering from neck and back problems, or looking to strengthen your athletic performance, the staff at OrthoSport Physical Therapy can help. With their specialization of manual therapy, stressing the importance of one-on-one care, and dry needling, you’ll be sure to get a comprehensive approach to treating the whole person.

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