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Gigi’s Journal – #6

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Summer will soon be in full swing!

My Milkshake brings all the boys to my yard, darn right its better than yours.  Amor, Amor, spring and love is in the air.  These dog gone good looking fellas are a few of my buddies, Mr. Chubzz Mazzola is actually a dweller in a the city of Detroit but comes and visits his grandparents on the island, Ms. Audrey and Mr. Larry. My big black lab buddy, Zeek Milkins visits almost daily. His mom Ms. Diane and Mr. Bruce are awesome neighbors. Mr. Bruce always has a milk cookie in his pocket and sometimes this metal can that says, “Beer”. I loooooove when the sunshine is streaming through the windows even when stinky cat (Menka the Spyhnx) is trying to invade my space, doesn’t that silly feline know that she will get sun burn with all her nakedness…  

Well my first pup cup at the Island Tasty Freeze was a wonderful experience; their outdoor patio is very pooch friendly. But a fashionable collar and a matching leash are highly recommended especially for our frisky friends. Obviously whoever has the most epic bandanna accessory wins.

Accessories of any kind, if needed, can be purchased along with cotton candy, a carnival ride, grrrrreat music and fireworks at Island Fest, May 31, June 1,2, 2019. My daddy “C” has been endlessly putting in long hours since last year’s festival, along with his awesome commissioners and Director Mzz. Kim. Visit for all the dogtails, oops, I mean details.

Summer will soon be in full swing, so please keep us pups in check when boating. While most of us “not me I sink like a rock”, enjoy being with our water loving families, we need to always pay attention. Currents can be swift and water’s deep and we all just want to have a wonderful season.

Don’t forget to show a little pride in the month of June for me and my dad’s. So may all of you have an amazing summer and if you see me out and about at the Thursday night summer concerts at Water’s Edge or on Macomb street enjoying a stroll, even over at Centennial Farm at the dog park, sampling the seasonal scents or hanging my drooling head out the car window. Say hello with a big paw up!

As the visions of sugar plums fade into the distance, we look forward to the spring crocus and daffodils to start popping through the ground.

As always, big wet kisses!

Miss Gigi

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