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Gigi’s Journal – #7

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Dog/Cat – Brother/Sister enjoy summer and look forward to the upcoming cooler weather

Well, well, well. Didn’t those dog days of summer come and go so quickly. With the hot summer days it was essential to stay cool with a refreshing yogurt. Chillin’ on my big marble floor was also a necessity to maintain the quality of my comfort zone. But I do enjoy the times while stinky cat and I are sunning ourselves, though stinky cat does need her sunscreen. While speaking of stinky cat, Menka the Sphynx, Dad and I caught her fishing in the pond. While she can’t catch any of the birdies, fishing was her next best thing. I asked Dad if I could give her one loud bark, so she’d be swimming with the fishies, but Dad said “No”. After no birdies or fish, she decided to just chase the butterflies. Dad and I attended Bark on Biddle in Wyandotte. We had our photo taken and placed in a major newspaper. Gigi goes global. After some serious shopping I scored a new rainbow collar with a matching leash, of course! And we couldn’t make up our minds about purchasing new kibble bowls so we bought both. #islandgirl While we roll into the fall/winter season, stinky cat and I with be pulling out the big blankets and comforters. I’ll be doing my best trying to keep off that winter weight while looking forward to the Halloween treats and the Holiday Season.

As always, big wet kisses!

Miss Gigi

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