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Among the many services Dr. Long offers, one of the most popular is implant retained dentures.

From cleanings to crowns, root canals to dentures, the team at LifeLong Family Dentistry meets every dental need with great care and expertise

For over 50 years, this office has been serving patients and has been a staple in the Grosse Ile community. So when Dr. Brian Long, D.D.S. took over the practice from Dr. Earl Uday in 2010, patients knew they were in good hands and could expect the same great service for many years to come.

Dr. Long grew up in Canton, MI and graduated from the University of Detroit in 1988 with a B.S. in Biology. From there, he attended the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, earning his D.D.S. degree in 1992. After completing a General Practice Residency at Ohio State University in 1993, he returned to U of M as a part time Adjunct Instructor and began private practice. Dr. Long continues to expand his knowledge by traveling across the country to attend the best continuing education programs available. He is always seeking out the best instruction on new technologies and procedures.

Dr. Long was introduced to our community when visiting his In-laws, Marge and James Manning. He fell in love with the community and moved to the island in 2005 with his wife and daughter. Dr. Long is active in many community groups. He is currently a member of the Grosse Ile Rotary Club, on the council at St. Thomas Lutheran Church, and the head coach for the Clay Target Team at Grosse Ile High School. At the urging of his daughter Dr. Long formed the group that founded the team at the high school. It’s not uncommon for Dr. Long to be stopped while he’s out at Kroger or the hardware store by patients with dental questions. “I like it!” says Dr. Long, “I see it as my commitment to the community, and it’s something I don’t take lightly. I embrace it and enjoy it.”

LifeLong Family Dentistry patients enjoy the continuity of a home town dentist. You will see the same hygienists and of course, the same dentist at each visit. By using the most advanced technologies and materials as well as local laboratories, Dr. Long ensures patients receive the best quality for a reasonable price. “We’re never going to do any dentistry that we wouldn’t want in our own mouth,” promises Dr. Long. This commitment to providing high-quality dentistry in a family atmosphere has built years of trust with his patients.

Among the many services Dr. Long offers, one of the most popular is implant retained dentures. By utilizing traditional or mini implants, based on the patients needs, a denture is secured by a snap to the implant. Traditional dentures are stabilized by the bone that used to support the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue and can be a very difficult balancing act. Over time the bone that supported the teeth shrinks and the dentures become less stable. When that happens, the solution is usually to wear conventional dentures that are held in place by a little bit of glue. Unfortunately, traditional dentures can make drinking and eating uncomfortable, and the possibility of them falling out can be embarrassing. Dr. Long helps avoid those problems by installing implants, which give stability to a denture.

For any dental service, Dr. Long strives to take his time explaining everything carefully to his patients until they feel comfortable with the work to be performed. “I’ve found that if I sit with my patients and help them understand how the procedure will work, it relieves a lot of the anxiety, which then removes a lot of the fear,” says Dr. Long. This diligence carries over into the actual procedure, where Dr. Long continues to take the time necessary for accuracy and patient comfort.

LifeLong Family Dentistry is located at 8930 Macomb St., Grosse Ile. To learn more visit To schedule an appointment please call 734-676-2288.

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