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Gigi’s Journal – #7

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Summer is here!

Hellooo to all my island fur family and friends,

It seems like it’s been a hot minute since we last spoke. We swept through the holidays got some of the cold wet stuff and now into my favorite summer season. Our routines have changed a lot and it seems like the dads are home alllll the time. Stinky Cat Menka and I have somewhat of a social distancing plan this is not a hard job with her old feline fish face always looking at me she thinks she being amuwwwzing. She really has the nerve to refer to me as Big Ol’ Bone Breath. Remember that us fur babies (except for naked kitty) understand the stress the moods and the alcohol intake in these challenging times. Here are a few recommendations to ease us all: Always have plenty of exercises and play time. Don’t let that Buddha get ya. Keep yourself clean and somewhat groomed you will feel better for sure.

Appreciate your surroundings no matter where they may be. And most important family time and remember be kind to one another even to stinky cats. BOL (bark out loud) I overheard dad on the phone talking to Mizz Rec. about an Island Celebration this fall.

As always, big wet kisses!

Miss Gigi

As we sent our new issue to press we learned that Miss Gigi passed away. We will miss her!


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