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In 1942 on the grounds of 9251 Groh Rd., a building was constructed and made to house military aircraft during the height of World War II. Between then and 1972, the building was refurbished as a tennis facility. Now, as of its January 15th grand opening, the building has officially rebranded itself as Island Athletics.

Founded by Bobbie Haidy and her partner, Steve, this new brand will serve as a family-owned business that will house not only year-round indoor tennis, but also a state of the art fitness center accompanied by pickleball, personal training classes, and cardio classes.

“We decided to create Island Athletics to provide the city of Grosse Ile indoor activities and fitness,” says Bobbie herself. “Bringing the facility to the community, we believe, will bring happiness to the Grosse Ile and surrounding cities.”

At 40,000 square feet, this building can be used for virtually any and every sport and fitness activity desired. For all they’ve accomplished and brought to the building already in a short amount of time, the Haidys still strive towards the future. Bobbie adds that they currently have plans to bring five indoor tennis courts, six indoor pickleball courts, and a variety of different types of fitness to Grosse Ile in 2021.

“We are excited to be open and can’t wait to see what our programs bring in the upcoming years!”

For further info please call 734-752-6802 or visit

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