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Your Home: Adding a warm, welcoming fireplace

 Every day Apex Hearth and Outdoor Systems helps people realize their dreams of making memories around a warm, welcoming fireplace.

Apex, known for installing water-saving irrigation systems and high-efficiency indoor/outdoor fireplaces, was founded in 2007 by Jeff Jones. Jones, who has over 30 years of experience in the business, says that after operating primarily by word-of-mouth for over a decade, it was time to open a retail location.

The Apex showroom opened at the end of 2019 and is located at 24561 Telegraph Road in Brownstown Township. The store serves not only as an opportunity to showcase working models but also to educate potential buyers on the significant number of options available to them through Apex. For people looking to upgrade an existing fireplace or have one built, what may seem like an overwhelming project, couldn’t be easier with the help of an Apex specialist who will walk them through the entire decision process. After choosing a design, whether that’s a new insert or a door to complement the existing hearth, a home visit is scheduled so that buyers are guaranteed to get the right product for their situation.

While dated-looking fireplaces are the main reason people seek an update, performance is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. “Traditional fireplaces are usually between negative ten and ten percent efficient in terms of heat production,” explains Jones. “Our upgrades consist of installing a fireplace within an existing opening that brings the efficiently up to 75%.” Additionally, Apex products are a cost-efficient solution for fireplaces that don’t vent properly, “for example, people who have chimney damage, instead of paying for an expensive reline, every fireplace with an Apex direct vent insert will draft properly.”

Apex offers both gas and wood-burning inserts, with gas being the popular choice Downriver. Jones, a Downriver native living in Trenton says his own home is heated primarily via fireplace, with the furnace acting as a backup. And with Apex’s inserts, the temperature is set with the accompanying remote, taking the guesswork out of heating the home.

When choosing Apex, you’re guaranteed to be serviced by experienced experts who work directly for the company, not subcontractors. These technicians aim not only to create beautiful focal points in homes and businesses but to exceed their client’s expectations when it comes to their heating needs.

Jones adds that he’s grateful for the community in which he lives and works, something that drives his business to operate at the highest level of service. “I love Downriver. The people here I’ve been working with my whole adult life and have just been amazing. We’re going to serve this community and do the best that we can.”

Please call 734-676-1973 or visit for more information.

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