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(R to L) Veli P. Sipila, PT, OMT, FAAOMPT, CIDN and Satu-Paivi Sipila with staff of OrthoSport Physical Therapy Center

Treatment for Cervical Headache

Headache is a common pain complaint that can be produced by many sources and causes. Too often we blame stress for our headache and mask the pain by taking medication without proper medical examination. Fortunately headache rarely is a sign of serious medical condition. Nevertheless, occasionally headache may be caused by serious pathology and therefore the source of any headache needs to be investigated.

The North American Cervicogenic Headache Society defines the cervical headache as: pain felt in any region of the head caused by a primary irritation of the musculoskeletal tissues of the neck..

It refers to a fact that the primary source of the headache is located in neck tissues including:

  • ligaments
  • joints
  • cervical nerves
  • muscles

This headache is often associated with:

  • tight muscles
  • stiffness and pressure
  • restricted neck movements
  • poor posture

The tissue and movement changes may result from:

  • joint trauma
  • chronic strain
  • degenerative joint and disc disease
  • inflammatory joint disease

Frequently the people suffering from cervical headache have experienced cervical trauma, mostly of whiplash type, without any immediate symptoms but resulting in a chronic headache years after the accident/incident.Cervical headache responds well to treatment. You do not need to suffer from it. Typical treatment includes cervical joint and tissue mobilization, muscle stretching, dry needling, posture improvement, and specific exercise. Treatment is provided by expert physical therapists Veli P. Sipila, PT, OMT, FAAOMPT and SP Sipila, PT, OMT, with over 60 years of combined clinical experience, at OrthoSport Physical Therapy Center in Grosse Ile and Canton.

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