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Imbibe: Perdino’s of Grosse Ile

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 Perdino’s of Grosse Ile has become a staple on the island after serving gourmet dishes and spirits there for almost four decades.

Specializing in fresh seafood and juicy steaks, Greek native Perry Tsipis serves flavorful dishes in an elegant ambiance at Perdino’s of Grosse Ile

In 1983, Perry Tsipis and his brother Dinos opened their restaurant on Grosse Ile because they believed the community would appreciate quality seafood and decided the island aesthetic was the perfect complement to the restaurant’s elegant ambiance.

The menu consists of Italian and American flavors with respect to Perry’s Greek roots represented in various courses. “Of course, all of our dishes are very good, but we’re famous for the filet minion, lamb chops, and other specialty dishes we feature nightly,” says Perry, who added that the Norwegian Salmon is also very popular and the chicken Perdino is a signature dish.

Dining at Perdino’s is a luxurious experience. It’s the perfect choice for date nights or any evening you want high-quality food that’s fresh and well prepared. The menu is also family-friendly with options for everyone, meaning you can still bring the kids along for a good time. The courteous and warm staff ensure that every night at the table is enjoyable and that when you leave, you can’t wait to come back.
Perdino’s of Grosse Ile is located at 8575 Macomb St., Grosse Ile. For further info or to make reservations please call 734-676-8100.

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